Sunday, May 08, 2011

WS: "The most..."JHS 2nd Grade

I'm on a roll with this kind of worksheet, so here's another in the vein of my "Did you...", "Do you know how to...", "Can you" and "Will you" sheets, and yet again is a perfect example of not being afraid to reuse ideas for different grammar points.

Students decide which of the three options you (as the teacher) think is the most (adjective) of the three. They circle their answers, then ask you. Play bingo. If they got it right, they get a circle. If not, an X. Give some kind of reward, or you could even use the betting money cards from a couple of weeks ago to make things more interesting.

On the back are some lines for writing up sentences if you need to fill more time (the front should take 15-25 minutes depending on how you play it/drag it out).

Here's the sheet.

As always feel free to have as much fun as you want with this, but please don't redistribute it as your own.

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