Monday, August 15, 2011

Get Your Japan Grocery Fix in the UK

So you lived in Japan, or you went on holiday to Japan, and you fell in love with some of the delicious foods and drinks.

But now you're home (in the UK)... and you just can't quench your craving for dried octopus suckers, or have a burning thirst for the sickly sweet Royal Milk Tea.

Well look no further. The Japan Centre, based in central London, has an online shopping service as well as a Physical Store (in Real Life).

While we all know about sites like J-List, where you can order all manner of snacks and tat, the Japan Centre seems more focused on practical goods (though you can still get your treats) like tofu and alcohol.

Their online store features foods such as Japanese curry roux, senbei, and even those little koala biscuits they sell in 7/11 as well as chilled items (Kimuchi and natto included). You can also buy in bulk if you are really craving Asahi Superdry or desperate for 20kg of white miso...

There's also a wide range of non-food produce: kitchenware, rice cookers, magazines and books in both Japanese and English and a variety of gifts and omiyage. Don't forget their Japanese learning resources.

Happily the site also has a wide range of recipes - from takoyaki to meals and snacks using natto.

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  1. Wow, Japan Centre's selection is excellent. I notice that they also have a physical store in London. I'll definitely visit there on my next trip to UK.