Sunday, August 07, 2011

WS: Eigo Noto 2: I Can

Lesson 4 attempts to teach a lot, and I find this is another lesson which needs to be spread over 3 if not 4 periods. Even with this much time I find it impossible to teach all of the vocabulary and grammar from the textbook.

In my lessons I mainly concentrate on; I can, I can play, I can play the and Can you...?
Greeting - Hello, How are you, What month is it now?

I can - Flashcards with various verbs: fly, climb, swim, run, jump, and tell the students what I can and can't do. If you are lucky a student will cotton on to what you are on about and translate. If not, explain what I can means. (either in Japanese yourself [できる・できない], or get the HRT to help).

Next, students should repeat the sentences - "I can fly" etc.

I can ... game -  using this worksheet we complete the first three animals as a listening activity.
"Lion-san can run" etc. The students wrote a O for can and X for can't.

The remaining animals were completed by the students themselves, guessing if the animal can or can't.

I then read the answers ("monkey-san can climb") and the students marked their own prints.

Originally I didn't like this lesson plan, but after playing it, much to my surprise, the students actually really, really enjoyed it!

Let's listen 1 - Page 24 of Eigo Noto2. Using the CD the students listened to 3 animals talking and answer which animal it was in the book. Fast but fun activity due to the funny voices used!

Let`s listen 2 - Page 25. Another listening activity in which students listen to the CD and find out what two children can and can't do. This is a difficult activity, the information is given very quickly and with lots of unimportant information mixed in. This is very good for the students listening skills but means listening to the CD at least 3 times and perhaps the ALT reading it though slowly a few times.

Finish - bye bye

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