Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Japanese Pen Spinning Tricks

If you work in a school in Japan, you've probably seen your students flipping their pens around their thumbs or some other such trick. When I was at school, we just punched each other for fun... ah, well.

Anyway, I was curious and looked it up. I like sharing, so here you are.

Read on to not only watch some funky videos, but also find out how to do some tricks yourself.

First thing I found out: there are tons of these tricks.
Second thing: it's kind of dorky. A bit like those mini finger-skateboards that used to be popular.

Here's a popular video of people spinning their pens:

There are tons of instructional videos out there, so just follow this link for a selection on YouTube.

Here's a summary of some of the basic moves to get you started, from some pen nerd going by the name KTrihn93 on YouTube:


Finger Pass




  1. Haha, it reminds me of when I was in school in Japan.

  2. It requires a special pen only.

  3. Sitting in class during university I always wondered how the Asian students did this. I always figured my American fingers were just to lazy and inefficient.

  4. Can't help but notice how beautiful his hands are. I couldn't even focus one what he's saying. Those hands are just too pretty!

  5. ive been practicing the thumb around for about 15 minutes now, already my hands getting sore :L but ive got it right about 8 times now and caught it 3 of those times.

  6. Its not just an asian thing, its popular on debate teams in the United States too.