Sunday, August 28, 2011

WS: Blockbusters (all grades)

Blockbusters is a famous quiz show format which you've probably heard of. Here's how to play it with your students.

Any age can play this if they can understand your questions (or translate some words).

Here goes...

MS Paint masterpiece
  1. Draw a grid on the board, like this one. It can be bigger if you want/have more time to fill (a 6x8 grid can last all lesson sometimes).
  2. Write a letter in each circle/shape.
  3. Make a question for each letter. The answer to the question starts with the letter in the shape. 
  4. Make two teams (you can try with three or four if you like).
  5. One student from each team comes to the front, and sit either side of a desk (facing each other). 
  6. On the desk is an object (eraser or something).
  7. Students janken to see who starts. The winner chooses a letter from the first column on the board.
  8. The two students put their hands on their head while you ask the question. The first student to grab the eraser answers the question. If they get if right, that circle is coloured in that team's colour.
  9. After this question the students go back to their groups and the next kids come up to try.
  10. The aim of the game is to get a line across the board (diagonally is okay). Failing that, the most number of circles in that group's colour.
A line all the way across the board earns 100 points. One top to bottom earns 50, and each square is 5.

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