Sunday, August 14, 2011

WS: Eigo Noto 2: I Can 2

This is the second lesson teaching 'I can'. You may wish to introduce 'can you' at this point, but I found that due to time restraints, and a two week gap in my being at this school, the students couldn't remember 'I can' as well as I would have liked. So I stuck with it for another week

Greeting - Hello, How are you? What month is it now?

I can - Review vocabulary from last time "I can fly/run" etc.
  • Then, introduce new verbs. "I can play basketball, soccer etc."
  • Next, "I can play the piano, the guitar, etc."
  • We repeat this as a class a number of times before I stop and ask students to guess why you say "I can..../I can play..../and I can play the..."
  • After studying this I show some pictures of other things (instruments, sports etc.) and get them to tell me if it is play, play the, or just I can.

I can game - If you're in a regular classroom, students should be already in lines of 4-6 students. This will be their team today.
  • Have the first student from each team come to you, and give them a verb flashcard. They should keep this card a secret.
  • Next, have the student stand, facing one team. This should not be their own team.
  • The student with the flashcard has 2 seconds to gesture what is written on their card.
  • They should make the gesture as difficult as possible, they do not want the team to guess!
After making their two second gesture (it's best for you to time it and have all students present their gesture at the same time), the team gets to guess what the player was doing. They should say, as a team 'I can .....'
The student who presented the gesture should answer "I can ..." Or  "I can't..." If the team was correct, they get one point.

Repeat until all students have had a turn at giving a gesture.

Fruit basket - As played a few weeks ago.
  • Students make  circle with their chairs. There should be one less chair than players. (I usually start myself to ensure this).
  • The student in the middle will say "I can ......" or "I can`t...."
  • The students sitting who have the same answer will stand up and change seats. The student left without a chair starts the next round.
  • Saying "fruit basket" means all students have to change seats.
Finish - see ya.

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