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User Shaken: Paperwork

This is a guide for all the paperwork necessary for the User Shaken. It includes descriptions of what to take with you, what to buy/ask for at the shaken centre, images and guides to completing the documents, and a .pdf guide to print and take with you for reference.

This is part of our ongoing user-shaken series.

There are 7 documents needed to complete the shaken process. Some should be taken with you, others received at the centre.

Take with you:
1. 自動車検査証明書 (jidousha kensa shoumeisho)
This is your shaken document, often called simply 車検証 (shaken shou). The form contains all the information about your vehicle and its ownership, and when the shaken will expire. You should definitely have received this when the ownership was transferred into your hands. It looks something like this:

You'll need to copy some parts of this form onto others. This is easily done even if you can't read the Japanese, by just matching up the kanji headings on each form.

2. 自賠責保険証明書 (jibaiseki hoken shoumeisho)
This is your Automobile Liability (compulsory) Insurance. You'll renew this as part of the shaken process, but you need to bring the old one with you. It's an odd-shaped form, something like this (although potentially a bit different):

3. 自動車税納税証明書 (jidoushazei nouzei shoumeisho)
Vehicle Tax receipt (due every year around the end of May). These vary wildly, so a picture isn't very useful.

4. 点検整備記録簿 (tenkenseibi kirokubo)
This is the paper for the 60-point check that needs to be completed before the new shaken can be issued. There is no set form for this part, so you can print off this one.

And here's a translation (thanks to someone on the GaijinPot forums):

The coming weeks will see our full guide on how to perform these tests yourself, so stay tuned.

Receive at the centre:
5. 継続検査申請書 (keizoku kensa shinseisho)
Test application. Must be bought from a machine near the counter (about 30 yen):

Copy the numbers and details from the shaken shou to match the applicable headings. Note that not every box needs filling, so don't panic if something seems to be missing.

Note that the top half of the form needs to be filled in PENCIL. The bottom half (name and address of owner and person actually undergoing the test) must be written in PEN.

Thanks to Japanese site for this image (lost mine).

6. 自動車重量税納付書 (jidousha juuryouzei noufusho)
Weight tax. You'll receive this form for free from the counter at the centre. It has a space to affix the payment stamps. Here's an example:

You'll need to copy some stuff from the shaken shou for this one, too. Match those headings.

7. 自動車検査量票 (jidousha kensahyou)
The sheet for the tunnel test. Must be purchased from the same place as the stamps for the Weight Tax form (between 1,400-800 yen).

Click here for the .pdf file:

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