This is a vastly improved version of a classic ALT activity involving a plane crash and subsequent escape from the jungle.

The original can be found in various places and guises, including this one here. It invariably looks 40 years old, so I spent the last half an hour making it more modern.

And here it is. You can use it for both the regular "I will..." form, and the question form.

1. "I Will..."
As you can see, I gave it an amusing backstory of traveling to England to punch David Beckham in the face. you can change this if you want, but it's not relevant. The plane crashes and everyone else died. They must fight their way out of the Burmese rainforest Rambo style.

The activity lasts about 30 mins and goes like this:

  • Explain.
  • The first sheet has a load of items which are remnants of the plane crash. Students must select six items which they think will be the most useful/humourous for them to take with them.
  • On sheet two they write the sentence for their item e.g. "I will take a torch" and, why.
    • NB: Usually students have not yet studied the "to (verb)" form e.g. "to fight a gorilla". I usually just let them to it anyway, because it's simple enough for them to just use it straight away. However, a teacher once asked me to let students write that part in Japanese. So check fist.
2. "Will you..?"

In order to use the question form, I play the second sheet like bingo:

  • When all students have finished the sheet, they stand up, make pairs and janken.
  • The winner asks "Will you take an AK47?" etc. 
    • They ask about the items which they themselves have chosen. If the answers match their own, then can tick that item off their list.
    • Tick off all the items and you can sit down.
That's it. If you try it, let us know how it goes.

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