Sunday, June 10, 2012

WS: Alphabet Maze 1st G JHS

Here is a nice activity for 中1 students (or even elementary students) once they've finished learning their minuscules and majuscules.

The alphabet letters are laid out in a grid pattern. Each student begins with his or her pencil at "START" and draws a line through the grid as the teacher says letters aloud. As an easy and fun way to check everyone's answers at the end of the activity, this pattern and answer set is designed to form a picture: Have the students color in all the boxes through which they drew a line while solving the "maze". The resulting picture should be of a Space Invader.

By the way, some students of this age group probably won't have heard of the actual 70s arcade game, but they may still know this character if there is a Taito Station video game arcade in your town.

Get the file (with answers) here:
OpenOffice Document
PDF Document

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