Sunday, October 31, 2010

WS: Halloween

Well, it's Halloween today so maybe this is a little late, but for those doing something next week or next year here are some activities for mixed ages.

  • First of all just talking about Halloween is entertaining for many classes - describing the Treat or Treat process and carving of pumpkins (and difference between Japanese pumpkins and other countries').
  • Then you can play some touch-related games with elementary, 'special' or first-grade JHS (11-12) classes - use (sealed) packets of pasta sauce, cooked spaghetti, spiky hundred-yen store Halloween goodies etc in a sealed box. Students touch them and try to figure out what they are. It's fun and easy.

  • Wordsearch. Simple but effective, and works with all JHS grades. You can make your own wordsearches using any words you like here. Here's mine.

  • Simple 'do you have game' using the small Halloween flashcard sets from mes-English. Use the big sets to show the class/teach or test vocab and then give out 5-10 random cards to each student. They have to ask other students "Do you have a ghost?" etc and reply with "Yes, I do. Here you are." Of course this can be modified for whatever suitable phrases you want them to use.

  • Word challenge. Very simple sheet which just requires finding the right word in the list and writing it in the boxes beneath the images. Good for slow learners/'special' classes.

  • Mask making, even costume making and mock trick-or-treating (buy some sweets) if you have the time.
Well, that's all I have for you today. I found it very hard to come up with activities for older kids, so if you have any then please let us know in the comments box below.

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