Sunday, October 17, 2010

WS: Vocab Crunch

Here is a simple warm-up lesson idea that can be used with high-functioning, motivated students. It's super easy to prepare and can be tailored to review material from the last lesson.

Vocab Crunch
Class Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Preparation: A list of 10 vocab words from the class' recent study material

  • Tell the students to "listen carefully"
  • Pronounce each of the 10 words on your list with only a brief pause between words
  • Pause for a few seconds after finishing the list
  • Ask a volunteer to come to the board and write any one word from your list
  • The challenge is for the students, as a class, to recall and correctly write all 10 words
    • Allow classmates to help each other or come to the board in pairs or groups to write words
  • When the students are satisfied with their efforts, check spelling and write in any missing words
  • Pronounce each word again with the class
  • As a follow-up, try one of the following:
    • Provide example sentences for each word
    • Ask volunteer students to say simple sentences using each word
    • Have students find a sentence using each word in their textbooks
The first time you try this activity with a class, they may be a little confused when listening to you repeat the words. But, because students are acting as a full class, they usually put together the entire list without trouble. The students tend to be proud that they "remembered" all the words, too, so it starts class off on a positive note.

As a class gets more skilled at and accustomed to this activity, challenge them with longer lists of words. Set a casual goal for them, "Let's see if we can do 15 words today!" and continue as usual.

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  1. I did this exact activity in my Japanese class. It was pretty effective, though I personally only had a word to write down once.