Sunday, April 24, 2011

WS: Do You Have...? 1st Grade JHS

This is another sheet in the vein of my "Would You Like" 3rd grade handout. It involves cutting and sticking and is great for elementary or 1st graders at JHS.

Here it is.

It's pretty straight-forward.
  • Write on any words you don't think they'll know,
  • One sheet each,
  • Students decide what are the most important things to take on holiday, and walk around class (or in pairs if you prefer) playing janken, with the winner asking "Do you have (what I want)?"
  • The respondent replies with "Yes I do. Here you are." or "No, I don't. Byebye."
    • If they have it, they cut it out and hand it over.
    • The recipient sticks in on their bag.
Will last up to 25 minutes-ish depending on how long you want it to, and how easily amused your kids are.

You can use our writing sheets to get them to practice more.

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