Wednesday, July 27, 2011

JLPT Past Test Downloads

For virtually every test (apart from medical, I guess), the best way to success is a lot of exam-condition practice.

The same applies for the JLPT, and not only can you buy past papers (see below), but you can also download them from various websites.

Let's find out where!!!!

Update (May, 2013): We're in the process of adding several more posts to the site regarding JLPT study material. Be sure to check back frequently to see what's new on the front page and what's listed under the LearningJapanese tag.

Because of its 100% Japanese nature, the JLPT is the same for everyone taking it regardless of their native tongue. That's convenient for our purposes, and the main site people seem to go to for past tests is actually in Chinese. Navigating can be a little tricky, but their selection of tests is good. (See below for some other good sites)

The page houses a collection of other papers, plus study resources. It seems like they're trying to charge for newest papers. I can't comment on the legitimacy of the site, so tread carefully if you want to buy.

The resources are of little use in Chinese, but there are some practice questions, too.

In order to simplify matters, here are some direct links to some (free) past test papers. You can try to find more by exploring the site. It's possible the pages might move, in which case you'll have to navigate the page to find their new location.

JLPT level 1 (N1) 2010 July past test
JLPT level 1 (N1) 2009 September past test
JLPT level 1 (N1) 2009 July past test
JLPT level 1 (N1) 2007 past test
JLPT level 1 (N1) 2006 past test

JLPT level 2 (N2) 2010 July past test
JLPT level 2 (N2) 2007 past test
JLPT level 2 (N2) 2006 past test (Nov 2013: Appears to be broken)
JLPT level 2 (N5) 2005 past test

JLPT level 3 (N4) 2004 past test
JLPT level 3 (N4) 2005 past test
JLPT level 3 (N4) 2006 past test
JLPT level 3 (N4) 2007 past test

Nov 2013: JLPT level 5 (N5) links from this site have been reported broken or redirected.

There are also answers, and the site is updated quickly enough for you to check your score a couple of days after the test (at the latest).

Check out this site (Nov 2013: Reported broken) which has much better quality scans of all the tests for all levels from 1991-2005. The trouble is, the site is a bit temperamental. If you keep trying every couple of minutes you can download your test, but don't be surprised if you get errors a few times. Weird.

You can also find a large collection of typed-up versions at this site (Nov 2013: Reported Broken).

Bear in mind that these pages can come and go, as you aren't supposed to take the papers out of the test sites: JLPT gets angry. They may force the sites to shut down.

NB: sometimes the scan quality of these tests is not that great. On fairly rare occasions it can be frustrating and almost unreadable.

In such cases you may just want to go ahead and...

Buy published past tests
JAAS sometimes publishes past papers. Here are some links:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Try not to get confused and buy what is known as the JLPT Guide Book. It looks like a test, and acts like one, but is much shorter. It's designed as an entry guide to see if you are ready for typical grade N4 and N5 level questions.

You can buy that here: Amazon America


  1. Thank u sooo much was very helpful...^_^ arigatou ne!

  2. Excellent resource, thanks a million!

  3. Links error report:

    JLPT 3 2006 (No images)

    JLPT 4 2004 --> JLPT 2 2006 (No images)
    JLPT 4 2005 --> JLPT 2 2005
    JLPT 4 2006 --> JLPT 2 2006 (No images)
    JLPT 4 2007 --> JLPT 2 2007

    jpgarden and jlpt.myweblesson links are broken.

    Hopefully it'll be fixed.

  4. Thank you very much for checking these for us. The post is unfortunately over two years old now, and some of these JLPT resource sites are very fleeting. We have some newer JLPT resource posts linked near the top of the article and I encourage you to check them out as well.