Want to visit Japan?
Want to visit all 47 prefectures?
Don't think you can afford it?

Win it!

The deal:
Some lucky person will win 100 days to visit all 47 prefectures in Japan and blog about it.

The catch:
You can't have ever lived in Japan before. Application is 5USD (100% goes to a related charity).

Travel Volunteer is offering one lucky person or couple the chance to see all 47 prefectures in 100 days, for free!

The trip starts on September 15th - December 23rd 2011, ending with a trip to Tohoku on the 24th to give Christmas presents to children displaced by the recent tsunami.

The idea is that the winner will blog about their experiences in Japan and prove to people that the whole of Japan has not been destroyed by the tsunami, and life outside of the evacuation zone continues with little or no disruption.

The closing date for applications is July 31st, so if you are interested go to http://travelvolunteer.net/ for more information and instructions on how to apply.

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