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WS: Eigo Noto 2: Let's Play

Let`s play is a level up from the previous chapter, where students actually use the skills learned in the last lesson (this can be done in the same lesson but I have found it better to spread it over a few as it is a bit much for the students). Read on for my plan...

Lesson 1 - Let`s play

Greeting - Hello, how are you etc. 

Karuta - a good warm up game (see karuta for details)

Let's listen -  pg. 6, Students listen to the teacher/CD and follow the instructions to make a 'new letter' this took my students less than 5 minuets and was more of a 2nd warm up game.
*Let's listen page 7 was left for the HRT (home room teacher) to do another time.

Let's play 1- pg. 8 students have to match two parts of a `broken letter` to fix it. My students spent about 5 seconds on this. At this point they were becoming restless so I abandoned the textbook, as the HRT could easily do the remaining sections using only a CD.

Whisper game - easy! Students are usually in 6 lines, the person at the back comes out/to the back of the room and you whisper/show them a letter to them. On your cue they whisper it to the student sitting in front of them and so on. I lay 5 sets of karuta cards (one set less than the amount of teams) at the front of the room and the student at the front of the line has to grab a card and bring it to the ALT/HRT.
You can award points in a number of ways. I give the 1st team 5 points, 2nd 4, 3rd 5 and so on with the last team receiving a big fat ZERO.

Back game - When the students have finished/are bored of the whisper game I change it slightly so instead of whispering they have to write with their finger on their friends back.
Award points in the same way.

Last game -
My last game is a little cheeky. From the previous game there are 5 sets of Karuta cards mixed up. So the final game is more of 'help Laura prepare for her next lesson' than a game. Albeit fun!

I keep students in their lines (apart from the losers from the previous game who come to the front of the classroom and shout letters out at random to put the other teams off), and spread the mixed up cards at the front of the classroom. 
On your say the first person from each team runs to the front of the class and collects an A card, they then swap with the next team member who needs to get B. This continues until all the teams have a full set. The first team to bring you their set is the winner!

Finish - As always feedback sheets should technically be completed, but a quick "See you!" usually does the job.

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