Friday, July 22, 2011

Japan Matsuri Volunteers

Need a Japan fix? In London this September? Want to get involved in the action?

Japan Matsuri is looking for volunteers for it`s third annual event. Held in the heart of London.

If you are homesick for Japan, or missing the wonderful festivals then look no further. This is designed to feel like a typical Japanese festival: dancing, music, food and shows.

Read below for more information.

Period: From NOW until Sunday September 19th
Venue: London
Language Skill required: English or Japanese (depending on the roles)

Volunteers can gain:
  • No salary :(
  • Certificate/Reference upon request
  • The chance to see behind the scenes of a Japan related event attracting tens of thousands of visitors. 
 A: Administrative roles:
  • A1: Liaising with Stage Performers
  • A2: Liaising with Participants Groups/Schools in Activities
  • A3: Liaising with Stall
  • A4: Liaising with Media
  • A5: Web
  • A6: Others
B: Art related roles(☆Urgently Needed☆ suitable for Summer Internship and portfolio):
  • B1: Decoration of the event site (the County Hall)
  • B2: Design of event brochures and posters
  • B3: Fabrication of Mikoshi (portable shrine), Chochin (lanterns) and others
  • B4: Others
C: Infrastructure related roles (* mainly need to work on 18/09):
  • C1: Electrical wiring
  • C2: Health & Safety, First Aid, nurses/doctors
  • C3: Patrol (traffic control, security stewards, parking area, wastes etc.)
  • C4: Installation / clearing
  • C5: Others
Japan Matsuri is looking for people for the following time frames.
  • On a weekly/bi-weekly basis (from now)
  • Available from September 11th
  • Available on the day of the event.
 If you want to find out more information you can visit Japan Matsuri here, or for more information about volunteering go here. Or email your CV, along with a choice of position (from those above) and the times you are available to volunteer (at)

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