Sunday, July 31, 2011

WS: Eigo Noto: When is your birthday 3

Previously we have learned the days of the months and played some fun games to ensure the students can remember them, and in the last lesson we introduced the question "when is your birthday?".

This lesson will focus again on this question and teach how to answer it properly.

Greeting - Hello. How are you? What month is it now?

Chant - The last time we will sing the months of the year chant (from the CD). 

Eraser game - The 'eraser game' is basically a listening game. The students should be in pairs facing each other and each pair should have one eraser on the floor/desk between them. Hands should be on heads, and the students listen for the 'Key word'.

When they hear the 'Key word' they should grab the eraser, the first student to do so, is the winner.

In this case, after telling the students what the key word is, I get the students to start each round by asking me "when is your birthday?" I then say months at random until I say the key word and the students grab the eraser.

My Birthday is in ... chant - Here I teach the students to use 'in' when talking about when their birthday is. They should have picked up on this when playing the eraser game and listening to my answers.

Fruit basket
- Students will know this game, and as soon as you say "fruit basket" students will start arranging their chairs into a circle.

  • All students sit down except one in the middle (or you for the first round).
  • There is one too few chairs for everyone to sit. 
  • I/we all say "When is your birthday?" and the student in the middle replies 'my birthday is in ......' 
  • I let students choose any months, and after a few rounds let them choose up to 3 months at once.
  • The students whose REAL birthdays are in the mentioned month should stand up and change seats with someone else. 
  • The student without a chair becomes the 'oni' or devil in the middle. 
  • If the 'oni' says "fruit basket" all students change seats.

Interview activity - Using page 21 in the textbook (that`s right, using the textbook!!!) students should interview their friends to find out when their birthdays are, and write down their names.

Finish - goodbye.

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